Playa Del Sol Beachfront Property

In an uncertain world, Playa Del Sol, or Sun Beach, is the optimum elite retreat and a fantastic investment. You have the opportunity to double your investment within a 5-year period—potentially less! While most of the world's hide-a-ways have suffered a decline in value, high-end Caribbean beachfront property has held its own as a prime real estate investment. This secluded waterfront estate is the only private beach available on the Dominican Republic's sunny north shore, offering you the optimum tranquility and luxury you deserve. When the amazing life-style offered at Playa Del Sol is combined with the island's market growth, including the fabulous private resorts at Punta Cana and Casa Del Campo , the investment potential is endless. Playa Del Sol is the "Place to Go" in the world of "Who's Who." Come settle in into your waterfront paradise amongst the world's beyond-prestigious multimillion dollar estates.
  • Gated Community
  • Beautiful Ocean Views
  • Beachfront
  • Extremely Private
  • Exterior: 11 Acers
  • Property Type: Land
  • Dominican Republic

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Aman Resorts

Aman Resorts are rated the most exclusive 6 star resort , which put in extensive research in choosing the best places in the world to put there resorts. They have chosen the breath taking North shore of the Dominican Republic in the beautiful emerald coast town of Cabrera. Which have the world class oceanfront Robert Trent Jones Sr. Master Championship Golf Course Playa Grande. Where “The Pebble Beach of the Caribbean” awaits you.

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Second Beach ~ Playa OrquÍdea Third Beach ~ Playa Del Rio Arial View ~ Playa Del Sol Playa Del Sol ~ Cove View


Location – Location – Location

Proximity to the "World's Most Exclusive Resort"
Next to "The World's Most Beautiful Golf Course",
A "Private Beach" in a sold-out, gated community ready for development.

A rare and singular offer, Playa Del Sol is the last swimmable beach on the island's north shore. Located just minutes from Aman Resort and its Championship Golf Course, Orchid Bay of Playa Del Sol is a prime property amongst exclusive villas for the captains of industries and the idyll rich. This private and exclusive listing, nestled on the last piece of unclaimed paradise, is where your dreams meet sea and sand.

Purchasing this piece NOW guarantees you a turnkey sale with or without development. Ownership of this remaining elite parcel demonstrates spectacular investment metrics, demonstrated by comparable property sales and villa rental income.

Playa Del Sol is one of the most breathtaking beachfront properties in entire Caribbean. Your access not only includes one but 3 separate pristine beaches. The land is perched upon a solid protective rock cliff 40-feet above the undulating azure sea providing spectacular vistas of a Coast "Cabo's" and jutting verdant peninsulas, which this area is famous for which reminises of Kauai's most fabled beaches.

This 11 acre (43,547 square meters) parcel also features a dense forest of royal palms and a magical canada, a seasonal stream in a tropically vegetated canyon with small pools and waterfalls that spill into the sea. The well-drained soil and prevailing sea breezes fosters the lush vegetation and exceptionally comfortable setting.

Playa Del Sol is accessed by a kilometer long private road shared with Orchid Bay, a gated, private residential community with villas north of the 25 million dollar price tag that rival the great estates any in the world. "The largest villa in the Country" a 55,000 square foot estate is your neighbor and the top architects of the world have designed fantasy villas, each more aspiring then the next.

This choice owner's parcel is the developer's private reserve, which only now has been offered. This entire parcel is buildable, a part of Orchid Bay's first class infrastructure, real comps which substantially reduces the speculation. Consequently, this almost-unimaginable slice of Eden lends itself to a variety of upscale uses world class private estate, subdivision, luxury townhomes, or condos or sit on the land against inflationary pressures far better than treasury notes or gold. As taxes and labor are so low as to be considered nonissue your net value jumps when the first spade of construction enters the ground.

Playa Del Sol is accessed by a kilometer long private road shared with Orchid Bay, a gated, private residential community with homes that rival any in the world. Two episodes of the MSNBC show "On the Money" featured interviews with adventurous couples who have built their noteworthy, fantasy-inducing homes in this very special community that surrounds Playa Del Sol.

The center beach of the three that kiss Playa Del Sol, is contained within the parcel and embraced by two majestic rock peninsulas. The golden white coral sands don't stick to your skin -- they fall off when you stand up. And the outer reef keeps the cove safe for swimming, even in times of heavy waves, and can be pleasurably snorkeled and scuba-dived when the seas are calm.

The multiple views of the beaches and sea-cliffs from Playa Del Sol's many potential building sites are inspiring, and will leave you breathless. The nearby town of Cabrera is sweet, with a unique collaboration between the locals and foreigners, includes an international school, along with many opportunities to make a real difference in the local community. Playa Del Sol is a 10 minute drive away from Aman Resort & Golf course.

It may be somewhat of a challenge to see if we are capable of living and investing this well. But then that provokes a fascinating yet down-to-earth question: What more can we ask from life or an investment in lifestyle which never goes out of style? Playa Del Sol's rarity and private ownership is but a telephone call away and priced to sell at an incredible value to one ecstatic investor.

"If this purchase sounds too good to be true, I have undersold it—it's beyond belief."

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Playa Del Sol
Main Private Center Beach

Second Beach ~ Playa OrquÍdea

Third Beach ~ Playa Del Rio

Arial View ~ Playa Del Sol

Development Area

Playa Del Sol ~ Cove View