Sunrise Estates Beachfront Property

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Sunrise Estates Beachfront Property

This 10,000 square meter ocean-front property is adjacent to Sunrise Estates in Orchid Bay, Cabrera on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. It is a combination of a beautiful sandy beach with scenic rock cliffs. This allows, the most spectacular ocean views from the villas, built from above the beautiful sandy beach, you can build close down my beautiful blue waters.

Just steps away to one of the most beautiful sandy beaches, the Sunrise Estate Beachfront property is set on a picturesque site at the edge of Orchid Bay. This beautiful sandy beach is easily accessible from the main property. Although this property is neighboring Orchid Bay, it does not need to follow the Orchid Bay building retrictions. There are no community dues or fees.

The property can be purchased as part of the Sunrise Villa Estates immediately to the west. This would increase the size of the estates and can be held for private use or an environmental buffer for the Sunrise Estates.


  • Gated Community
  • Beautiful Ocean Views
  • Beachfront
  • Extremely Private
  • Exterior: 3 Acres
  • Property Type: Land
  • Dominican Republic

If you're looking for a Caribbean Paradise, this is the place for you.

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