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Dominican Republic North Coast is one of the most "Magical" places on this green earth. The views are out of this world, and the ambiance of just walking the grounds is something you will remember for a lifetime.

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testimonial Dominican Republic North Coast is of the most "Magical" places on this green earth. The views are out of this world, and the ambiance of just walking the grounds is something you will remember for a lifetime. I should know "that", in the early nineties I achieved the American Dream; I sold my company young and sought a new beginning, a choice of lifestyle and a secure investment strategy. After scouring the world for 2 years to find my place in the sun, I found my Shangri La when I walked on to a piece of land and built a Villa named Cabofino (Beautiful Cape). What was my dream in three short years Caribbean Travel and life would honor as one of the top five-rental villas within the Caribbean Sea.. I had achieved my dream of lifestyle and investment, which no stock dividend could ever deliver. My Villa occupied the next cove to Sea Tree Estates then a Seafront Farm. I highly recommend the potential performance metrics of this investment, the area's tourism potential, and the management team making this offering, everything about Sea Tree Estates is " Out of this World" class.
James Melillo

seatreeFor someone who has been coming to the Cabrera area for 30 years, the first thing that comes to mind about Seatree Estates is the location in Abreu, it's the prettiest, and sleepiest town I have ever experienced in all of the Dominican Republic. The little town lies under the uniquely photogenic volcanic karsts which themselves serve as sentinels to unseen higher elevations of mountains rising to the south and central ridge of the range. It is only two miles to Aman Playa Grande Resort one of the few six star resorts in the world., which makes for a key convenience factor not to be underestimated, compared, say, to the far side of Playa Grande, toward Rio San Juan, which does not even come close in terms of its quality of environs. second would be the, the land of "Seatree" itself, a giant, unusually private stretch of pasture overlooking the ocean, ending at a volcanic cliff, which is, of course, forever safe from any threat of erosion, security is tight, and yet low-profile, the staff of which having been well-versed by a caring and yet tough-minded management. there really isn't anything right on the water of the lush north coast as beautiful and unspoiled that also boasts such a sophisticated level of oversight specifically geared to the care and security of foreigners. It reminds me of the Italian movie, "The Garden of the Finzi-Continis," which describes a family's paradisical compound that shut out the problems of the world in pre-war early 1940's Italy. it really is that unusual and breath taking.

– Paul s. Hornblower at Matha's Vineyard, Cabrera

An unforgettable stay at the Golden Dolphin
Review Submitted 04/04/14
This is probably one of the most unique villas that I've ever stayed in here in the Dominican Republic. The Golden Dolphin is a totally cool place and very comfortable. I loved the huge balcony overlooking the lush grounds, the ocean and the small town of Cabrera. The breeze from the ocean makes the temperature so much more bearable than you can imagine and you don't even need to use the a/c. The rooms are spacious and comfortable. The showers are a bit outdated, but at least water pressure is good. The staff is so excellent. Our chef cooked us fresh lobsters the first night and they were delicious! The only thing we were missing was a pool by the main house, but we could easily walk to the pool by the "pool house" (they said, however that they're going to build a second pool by the main house). A cool feature is the spa (!) where I got the best massage I've ever gotten here in the Dominican. Charlie, the villa manager, took us for a day trip to Las Terrenas...which is a gorgeous place. Playa Grande beach and golf course is also pretty close by. As this is a big place, I would recommend for family/friends getaways or reunions ... You'll be well taken care of here.

– Guest Adrianna (Florida) Date of stay 08/30/13

canatarI have been a resident of the Dominican Republic since 2008 - living on the north coast in Abreu/Cabrera. I am Canadian citizen who has lived in both Canada and the USA. We chose the Dominican Republic for its ease of access and the congeniality of its people. Although an island, it is large enough to allow a feeling of freedom as opposed the restricting size of some of the smaller Caribbean islands. The capital, Santo Domingo, is a city of over 4,000,000 people - again, something other islands cannot boast. It offers a full full range of cultural and entertainment options. Its Spanish heritage claims the oldest church and the oldest lighthouse in the New World thanks to Christopher Columbus in the 1400's. The Dominican Republic itself offers a varied ecological terrain. Some parts are mountainous (as high as 7,000 feet), others are flat and arid and others are so lush as to approach rain forest status. The area of Abreu/Cabrera is one of those lush places where the mountains slope down to meet the sea. The cliffs and beaches are a wonderful counterpoint to the hills behind. One of the appeals for me about Abreu/Cabrera is that it is not a typical tourist destination. Foreigners mingle with Dominicans here but are not just visitors for one or two weeks, they are homeowners who visit for months at a time. In that sense, there is more of a feeling of community and involvement than can be found in the tourist locales. This part of the island is presently enjoying a period of development. The showcase Robert Trent Jones golf course at Playa Grande is the centerpiece for a new Aman resort, only their second golf related project in the world. The hotel will not be large and thus will not disrupt the current local ambiance. There are three international airports within 2 1/2 hours of Abreu/Cabrera; Santo Domingo, Santiago and Puerto Plata. All of these are serviced daily from various centers in the US and Canada. I find it a very enjoyable place to live my latter years. The cost of living is advantageous and all the amenities are close at hand."I highly recommend it."

– Paul Owner at Seatree #1 Cantamar

WOW what a place! Fantastic place, great staff and food! Review Submitted 04/04/14 We had our annual family vacation at the Golden Dolphin Villa, and everyone said that it was the best trip ever. Normally we stay directly on the beach, but this year we wanted to try something different. After seeing the Golden Dolphin Villa and speaking to Anders about the place, we decided to book. Best decision ever! The villa is just out of this world, a true Mansion! Situated on the top of the mountain, we had the most amazing views of the landscape and the ocean. The staff in the villa was just fantastic, and catered to our every need. Charlie the villa manager on site, was hands on, and made our trip. We just had to ask, and he would make it happen. One of the highlights was the baseball game at the villa. We had the two teals of locales come to the villa, and we got to play on the teams with them. The food in the villa was spectacular, well prepared, presented and always tasteful. The pool house was a great place to hang out during the day, and just relax and enjoy the nature. We will take our family back to the Golden Dolphin villa again next year, as this was by far one of the most relaxing vacations we have ever had.

– Guest Winston (Atlanta, GA) Date of stay 03/12/14

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